March 23, 2021

Seldén was founded in 1960 and has grown to become the world leading spar producer with manufacturing facilities in Europe, USA and Asia. Their products and all the processes combine reliable, tested methods with the latest technology that enables the production of spars for all types of sailing.

The Farr X2 mast futures T800 carbon pre-preg fibre wounded on a mandrel for optimized mix of low weight, stiffness and strength. This is achieved by Seldéns Mandrel Filament Winding technique combining off axis winding together with unidirectional fibres.

Seldén’s Sales Manager Andreas Axelsson, ex Artemis crew member who has over a 10 year experience in professional sailing explains:

“We provide the Farr X2 with a mast totally customized for the boat, and we will do it over and over again. Our CNC based winding of the carbon filament ensures 100% repeatability and all masts will be identical. The way to go in One-Design racing.”

Seldén will also provide the carbon boom and carbon rigid vang as well as all standing rigging.

You can read more about the carbon technology here: