June, 2021

Since the inception of the Farr X2 design concept it has always been about addressing and solving various issues that are experienced at sea. Short Handed sailing is a very demanding discipline and requires you to be operating at your peak as much as possible. Being out in the elements for days can severely impact this ability which can have adverse effects not only on your race, but can put your judgement at risk.

From experience, spending time out on the constant wind and waves can do wanders to your performance. The team at Farr X2 have looked at ways to aid this, and one simple way to achieve this is to have an area where you can be still on deck but out of the elements. A key feature of the Farr X2 is what we refer to as the ‘Coach Roof Overhang’. A specifically designed 400mm extension of the coach roof which offers you protection from the harshest of conditions whenever required.

Bret Perry insisted on this as a critical feature having experienced many cold and wet nights at sea on Short- Handed boats such as Mini Transat 650’s. Perry adds “It is amazing how, even a few minutes, with some sort of protection from the elements re-vitalizes you. Including this purposely designed ‘Overhang’ was my goal right from the beginning, as I worked through the design brief with Britton Ward from Farr Yacht Design”.

It has become a key feature and not only as a practical solution to a problem but aesthetically it adds to the appeal of the design.

Check out the photos from the factory!