February 2, 2020
After months of thinking and checking the options project for new Farr X2 is ready to go live!

Everyone involved in the project is excited to share some information about this new short-handed yacht from Farr Yacht Design. 

Bret Perry, the General Manager for the project from Farr Yacht Australasia said:
The X2 is built for in and offshore categories, including events such as the Sydney to Hobart Race, and the Fastnet Race. The design brief has the X2 able to compete in all short-handed events globally. Yet it can also be sailed at club level with crew in fleets such as the Super 30s in Australia, or HP 30s in the UK, by way of example.”

It is important for the whole team to make the Farr X2 not only an incredible on water experience but also the whole process from initiating the purchase to receiving a complete boat. 

Part of the Farr design DNS is performance and that is the main point of the concept, to make a light boat which is going to safe with sail handling and Cat1 guidelines. 

We were making some changes through the process of developing, early concept and renders of the deck geometry and layout are more efficient now.