October 20, 2020

During our last meeting with Bret Perry, General Manager for the Farr X2 project, we had a chance to ask him few questions. First things first so let us introduce Bret a bit.

Bret started his journey with yachting more than 25 years ago since racing windsurfers, dinghies and yachts around Adelaide. From those humble beginnings Bret moved to Sydney and moving toward a more professional position where project management, team management and performance sailing was a focus. In this time Bret was on the water nearly every day and was surrounded by legends of the sport it was only natural that this would turn into a long-term career. He spent some time in Valencia, Spain working on rig and rigging. During that period, he spent little time on the water, so he started to look for a way back. He was introduced to Mini 650 in France and that was again a turning point in his career. Bret formed an alliance with Nicolas Goldenberg from GY Design.

Bret took care of hull #1 and quickly became a Project Manager.

After that affair with shorthanded yachting, it was just a matter of time for Bret to go deeper, so he moved back to Australia. After looking into market, he started his work with Farr Yacht Design and now as a head of Farr Yacht Australasia he is bringing the Farr X2 into live.

Check out what does he think about one design yachts and the Farr X2.