October 10, 2020

In October we had a first look at the wooden mock-up of Farr X2 in Sydney.

Bret Perry, who is the Global Manager on the Farr X2 had a productive catch up with some of our crew members. David Sampson from Vicsail, who is John’s Bacon previous two-handed partner.

John commissioned hull #1 Farr X2 and is a well-known Sydney sailor. He is going to replace his Class 40 with the new Farr Yacht Australasia. The whole project is even more interesting because of the crew who is planning to compete in the famous Sydney to Hobart race, being a first ever all-female two people onboard. Alice Tarnawski and Bryony Gregory from Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Clube has dreamt of that for a long time and hope that their dream is going to come true in 2021.

They all had a chance to get their first feeling of the boat in 1:1 model.